Step 1: Click on Create user.

After click, you have to fill the form, for e.g.
First Name: Mohan
Last Name: Bhatt
Click on Select Gender and select value: Male
Click on Select District and select your district: Darchula
Put your Mobile number: 9848######
Put your E-mail Id:
Your Birthdate: 15/08/1989
Put username and password unique so that hackers not steal your information easily.

Select image so that when you forget password it is used to recover your account.
Select Security questions and Answers one by one, note down to your notebook, it is used to recover when you forget your account.
After that, type characters shown in your screen in box.

Finally, check to I have read and Agree with the Terms and Conditions. Click to register button to register account in Connect IPS.
After click Register,
You have to type your username and Characters show in your screen, click on Sign In.
After sign in, you have to put your password that you have earlier setup  when you registered your account.

After that, you have to verify, through your mobile number and email. You have to look up code that was sent to your mobile and email that you have register. Now click on Get code for mobile and Get code for email.

After click on verify, you have to see Email Id verified and also Mobile verified.

After Verification, you have to link your Bank Account so that you have to able to pay.
Not fill up your Bank information that you have to link in your Connect IPS account and Click on Send for approval. Finally Pdf file generated and take form to the Bank that you have linked. And After bank approve you have to able pay.